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Diverse Co-Laborers Reaching Diverse Peoples
Current Issue: Oct 2022, Vol XXXIII, No 2

Diverse Co-Laborers Reaching Diverse Peoples


Navigating Difference

Should we embrace multi-cultural teams and organizations as the “new normal,” or should we conserve our energy by prioritizing partnerships which have greater cultural and theological alignment? How might we effectively navigate the challenges of making disciples alongside co-laborers from different ethnic heritages, life stages, and church backgrounds?
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Building Thriving Multiethnic Ministries in Global Missions: Three Critical, Overlooked Issues

A missiologist with years of church-planting experience in North Africa with a diverse organization offers a groundbreaking proposal for reimagining “multi-cultural teams.” Drawing on his research and personal experience, Dr. Peter Lee integrates biblical theology and recent anthropology to propose a fresh model for authentic, effective multi-cultural church-planting teams.
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“Who Is My Neighbor?” Showing Hospitality to Fellow Workers Who Are “Strangers” Among Us

A Taiwanese scholar-practitioner with a breadth of cultural experiences and research in Asia, the U.S., and the Middle East tells her story as an Asian in a majority-Western organization. Combining personal, biblical, and cultural reflections on her journey amongst multiple cultures, Dr. J. Wu offers insights to frontier workers on the practice and implications of biblical hospitality and mission.
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From the Harvest to the Harvest: An Interview with a South Asian Mobilizer

How should we train and mobilize from and to the Global South? A trainer and mobilizer of Middle Eastern missionaries interviews a South Asian mobilizer and mission leader. Their wide-ranging discussion covers the challenges of creating missional vision in traditionally-receiving countries, navigating existing church leadership, and good and bad ways for Western organizations to relate to emerging indigeneous sending structures.
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Helping Female Single Teammates Thrive amidst Challenges in Muslim Society: A Case Study

An African leader of a vibrant, diverse team offers practical advice and stories to equip teams to help single women thrive on church-planting teams among Muslims. With detailed description and anecdotes, Rev. John Idoko provides practical action steps his team found fruitful in seeing single female teammates navigate challenges and make significant ministry impact in a 100% Muslim community.
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Dealing with Theological Differences on Church-planting Teams

How do teams disciple indigeneous believers when teammates disagree theologically? Can colleagues from different denominations collaborate fruitfully in church planting? A leader who has fruitfully led and overseen multiple teams in challenging fields in Africa presents a provocative yet practical proposal for navigating theological differences in frontier church-planting teams.
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